Bring Spring to the Kitchen of Your Dallas Apartment

Spring Kitchen Accessories

Its time to leave your windows open, buy some fresh flowers and enjoy the crisp Spring weather. Spring brings with it a sense of renewal and refreshment, a feeling you want to pull right into your home. Spring cleaning has many people cleaning behind furniture and purging forgotten items from storage. When that's done, try some of these simple ideas … [Read more...]

Celebrate Memorial Day in Dallas Apartment With These 3 Ideas

Kids Celebrating Memorial Day

At The Meadow in The Village, our community is looking forward to this year’s Memorial Day celebrations. As a day of remembrance for the sacrifice and service our troops have provided, this special day is a time of national bonding and observation of what our great country has become. Use these holiday celebrations at your Dallas apartment to spend … [Read more...]

Our Two Bedroom Dallas Apartments Have Great Space and Function

The Meadow in the Village

When you're looking for apartments that you may want to live in, consider the amount of space you will be getting and how functional that space is. In one of the two bedroom luxury Dallas apartments, located within The Meadow in the Village, you get a lot of features within the great amount of space provided. Newly renovated, each kitchen at The … [Read more...]

Our Dallas Apartments are Nearby the Fun of Uptown Dallas

The Meadow in the Village

There’s so much to do in Uptown Dallas! Our luxury apartments place you right in the middle of the social scene, giving you all the amenities of upscale living while having fun. Imagine having a Spring Wine dinner at Lake on the Park, or going hiking on a trail. If you’re looking for the perfect place to shop, live and play, you can’t get any … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning: 3 Tips for Keeping the Shower Clean in Your Dallas Apartment

The Meadow in the Village

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of living at our luxury Dallas apartment community is your comfort. For the best experience when you're at home, you'll want to keep your apartment sparkling. This is where our Dallas apartment spring cleaning tips come in handy. For instance, here are the best ways to keep your shower … [Read more...]

Our Year Round Sports Leagues are a Great Way to Meet Neighbors

The Meadow in the Village

The older you get, the harder meeting people and making new friends seems to become. The good news is that as a resident of The Meadow you already have one advantage. Each time you leave your apartment there's a chance you'll bump into somebody who also lives at The Meadow and have an opportunity to start up a conversation that could be the first step … [Read more...]

Get Your Dallas Apartment Ready for Spring With These 5 Tips

The Meadow in the Village

After the winter months, there is something about embracing spring and the nice weather. You want your luxury Dallas apartments to embrace the mood of new beginnings. Spring is a great time to add some fresh décor to your home. Get your Dallas apartments ready for spring with these 5 tips. Get some old watering cans and give your apartment a … [Read more...]

Have a Great Home cooked Meal at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner

The Meadow in the Village

You might have to travel a considerable distance to enjoy your own mother's cooking, but Mama's Daughter's Diner serves up classic homestyle cuisine just a short drive from your apartment. Located at 2014 Irving Blvd., this Dallas restaurant is known for its homestyle breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The breakfast menu at Mama's Daughter's Diner … [Read more...]

Our Newly Renovated Interiors are Perfect for Your New Dallas Home

The Meadow in the Village

If you are moving to Dallas, it's important that you look for an apartment with a clean, new and luxurious interior. At The Meadow in the Village, our newly renovated apartments make it easy to feel at home and comfortable, even when you're brand new to the area. Our kitchens contain dishwashers and garbage disposals, so you don't have to slave away … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Spring Weather Using Our Community Jogging Trails

The Meadow in the Village

Jogging is great exercise, and when you live at The Meadow in The Village, you have the perfect place to jog. No more fighting traffic or dealing with bumpy sidewalks -- just smooth trails through beautiful nature. When you go for a jog, your heart rate increases, your lung expand, and the blood gets flowing throughout your entire body. Jogging is … [Read more...]